With so many different types of conservatory roofs now available, it can be difficult for homeowners to know which will be best for their Suffolk or Norfolk home.

In this blog, we will look at the benefits of a warm roof conservatory, and why you should consider it as an option for your new conservatory or roof replacement.


What is a warm roof system?

Warm roof systems consist of lightweight tiles or slates, and can provide increased thermal insulation and ventilation to your conservatory.

Moisture is allowed to dissipate through a breathable membrane located beneath the tiles, whilst thermal efficiency is optimised via a layer of insulation between the rafters and the membrane, reducing heat loss.

The type of roofing we use at Dream Installations is a high-quality Eurocell tiled roof system, Equinox, which is lightweight, durable, and easy to install. It is suitable for most solid roof replacements or new conservatories, and is compliant with current Building Regulations.

Gable tiled conservatory roof

Are warm roof conservatories energy-efficient?

Warm roof systems are a great way of increasing the energy efficiency of your existing conservatory, or ensuring that your new conservatory will perform as well as possible.

The use of insulated plasterboard, outside PIR insulated board, exterior plywood, breathable membrane and tiles or slates means a U-value as low as 0.15 W/m²K can be achieved, which is roughly 10 times more efficient than an A-rated window. As a result, your conservatory living space will feel more homely, you’ll save money on your heating bills, limit condensation, and reduce your carbon footprint, helping the environment.

Brown tiled conservatory roof

Why choose a tiled warm conservatory roof?

Not only will a warm roof increase efficiency and create a cosy environment in your new room, it can significantly increase the overall value of your property when professionally installed with quality workmanship and correctly certified. You will also save money over the years thanks to the minimal maintenance required to keep warm roof systems in top condition.

As well as being practical, our warm roof systems are flexible in terms of design and are compatible with the majority of old and new conservatories. We have a wide variety of standard roof tile colours including Charcoal, Antique Red, Burnt Umber, Moss Green and Ebony and our premium roof tile colours include Brick Red, Pewter Grey, Stone Black, Chestnut, and Plum.  We can even incorporate elements of a glass roof if you wish to increase the amount of natural light reaching your conservatory.

uPVC conservatory with a grey tiled roof

Warm roofs for your conservatory in Suffolk and Norfolk

If you’re interested in learning more about warm roof systems in East Anglia from Dream Installations, our whole team would love to hear from you. We have been trading for 19 years with over 30 years of industry experience as installers and are known for our high-quality customer service and workmanship. All of our tiled roof systems come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, and are LABC (Local Authority Building Control) accredited, so are unlikely to require planning permission.

Get a quote from us today by calling 01502 585 620 or use our online form for more information.


Warm roofs for your conservatory in Suffolk and Norfolk

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