Improve your window performance with double glazing or triple glazing in Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth

All our uPVC windows can accommodate both double and triple glazing practices, easily achieving a window energy rating of ‘A’. Far above the industry standard, U-values as low as 0.8 are readily achievable thanks to our use of Low-E glass known as Planitherm Total +, resulting in a warmer home and lower financial costs due to less of a reliance on artificial heating methods. Both glazing options are an initial investment that have valuable long-term impact, reducing bills while always meeting the strictest of Building Regulation efficiency requirements.

As well as improved levels of thermal retention, double and triple glazed windows do an excellent job of filtering out any intrusive, unwanted noise. Adding in more layers of a windows’ frame simply makes it harder for sound vibrations to penetrate through into the home, lowering the decibel level to ensure peace and tranquillity. Soundproofing such as this is particularly ideal for those who reside in built-up areas.

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