Quality fascias and soffits for Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft properties

To ensure a property’s roofline performs as it should, we at Dream Installations implore the use of two products primarily known as fascias and soffits. The fascia part of your roof is the mounted point where roof meets the outer walls of the house, and our boards run along the edge, fixing directly to the roof’s trusses. All this is done in the effort to create the very best guttering and weatherproofing.

Soffits, on the other hand, work in tandem with your roof’s fascias, tucking underneath the boards to successfully let air pass through. This improved ventilation helps keep your home free of rot, meaning that condensation build-up is less likely. As a much-appreciated finishing touch we also attach a versatile, low maintenance weatherboard cladding system known as Hardie Plank, which excels in making your roofline look stylish while fending off the harshest of elements.

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