Sliding sash windows provide effortless sliding action & an authentic aesthetic for your Lowestoft or Great Yarmouth home

Rattle-free, low-maintenance, and constructed using modern uPVC, today’s sliding sash windows triumph over their timber originals but retain the expected authenticity. Subtle design elements indicative of the initial style like sash horns, astragal bar layouts, and wood-effect colours can still be incorporated, but never at the detriment of reinforced security or exceptional performance. Speaking of security, Shootbolt locking comes integrated as standard for homeowner peace of mind, letting you enjoy classic style without the classic exposure to intruders.

Our range of sliding sash windows feature exceptionally slim sightlines to better let homeowners enjoy large influxes of light and wide outside views. The bottom sash will continue to slide upwards effortlessly with every operation whenever you’re tempted by the outside beauty, never being at risk of sticking thanks to the natural smooth sliding action.

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