Common Window FAQs

  • What is double glazing?

You might have frequently heard the term ‘double glazing’ whilst looking for various home improvements. Double glazing just means that the window or door in question uses 2 panes of glass that are separated by a layer of argon gas, making it more difficult for heat to escape, thus keeping your home warmer.

  • Window condensationWhy do my windows have condensation?

Condensation occurring in windows is relatively common, it’s only really an issue if the condensation is appearing WITHIN the panes as opposed to on the surface of the window. When there’s a lot of water vapour in the air it will deposit itself onto a colder surface, creating the ‘fogging up’ effect that you may have encountered before. If condensation is appearing within the window itself, it normally means your window is not sealed correctly. You can minimise condensation by lowering the humidity within your home.

  • Why am I experiencing a draught from my window?

If you’ve experienced a cold wave coming from your window when it’s closed, there’s likely a serious flaw with the way your window is currently installed. This can be anything from a vent being open or the seal around the frame not being installed correctly. It’s also worth checking that the locking system is working as intended and that your window is shut properly.

Common Door FAQs

  • Can external doors be painted?

If you’re looking to change the aesthetic of your front door, you may be out of luck. Composite doors and uPVC doors generally can’t be painted because the paint will deteriorate quickly due to the materials used. If you have a wooden door, you should be able to paint your door, provided you use the appropriate paint and have made the correct preparations.

  • Dual white composite doorHow secure are doors from Dream Installations?

One of the greatest concerns you may have when looking to buy a new door is whether or not the door will be secure enough. After all, nobody wants to feel unsafe in their own home. Doors from Dream Installations utilise security features such as industry-leading Ultion cylinder locks and multipoint hook lock integrations.

  • How is a door maintained?

It’s important to ensure your door is kept in good shape, and if you’ve had your current door for a long time, you may have begun to notice slight deterioration or colour fading. To keep a door maintained and looking its best, you could try varnishing or wiping the door down with a soapy cloth. Many modern doors need very little to no maintenance, such as uPVC doors.

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