Smooth-sliding door panels that stack neatly to one side for Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth homes

Capable of filling the widest of home apertures, bifold doors are operated by sliding the panels neatly to one side on a reliable track. The result is a door style that gives the impression of an extended living space that continues out into the garden, transforming any rear-facing wall into a glass screen. Natural light can better flood the back of the home and expansive views of the outside are a given. However, should you ever wish to easily maintain privacy or reduce glare, optional integral blinds can be installed between our bifold doors’ glazing for manageable light entry.

Such large glass surface areas are possible thanks to the inherent strength of the bifolds’ aluminium frames, which can accommodate plenty of glazing while still remaining light. This means operating the doors are never a chore, and access is easy when you’re inevitably tempted to venture out. This is all accomplished while keeping intruders out (thanks to multipoint hook lock integration) and the precious heat in, warming homes and reducing energy costs with U values as low as 1.5.

Integral blinds for bifold doors

You can ensure you have the privacy you desire by opting for integral blinds. Integral blinds can also help add extra insulation as well as block out sunlight if you desire. Easy to use and sleek in their design and operation method, integral blinds are the perfect addition to your bifold doors.

Aluminium and uPVC bifold doors in Suffolk and Norfolk

If you’re located in Suffolk or Norfolk, you’re in luck because it means we’re ready to make the journey out to you to install our fantastic bifold doors! No matter what kind of property you own, we know Suffolk and Norfolk like the back of our hands so we can cater to any situation and aesthetic to ensure your home is the best it can be!

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