Historically, conservatories get the most use during the warmer months and are abandoned during the colder months.

But nowadays this is not the case. With advanced manufacturing boosting the ability to achieve A-rated energy efficiency levels, you can be sure that your conservatory will remain at an optimum temperature all-year-round.

However, to enhance the heat retention even further, our team of experts would also make the following suggestions.

Ventilate your conservatory

Although it is important to keep your conservatory warm, it is also important to keep it appropriately ventilated to encourage natural light and air to flow through your living space. One way to achieve this is by upgrading your doors – wherever space allows – on your conservatory to either bifold doors or patio and French doors. All these door types are available in a variety of glazing options and boast A-rated insulation properties.

Buy integral blinds for your conservatory

Integral blinds are horizontal blinds that are sealed between the glass of a double-glazed unit. An aesthetically-pleasing feature for bifold doors, integral blinds do not need cleaning, and more importantly – can help your doors be more energy efficient as they create an extra barrier between the outside and inside.

Replace your conservatory roof

Have you noticed a draught coming from your conservatory roof? Perhaps you had it installed years ago, and it has become distressed overtime? These are sure signs that your conservatory needs replacing – and sure signs that it may be one of the reasons why your conservatory is cold too!

Here at Dream Installations, we can offer you a range of roof replacement options, including glass conservatory roofs, tiled conservatory roofs, and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. All of which can retain heat more efficiently, and ultimately save you money on your energy bills too!

Beautiful bespoke conservatories for homes in Norfolk, Suffolk, and surrounding areas

Offering five different conservatory styles in a wide range of RAL colours to suit all homes, a conservatory from Dream Installations has the potential to completely reinvent your living environment.

How about choosing a Double Hipped conservatory for your bungalow, or a Victorian conservatory for your 21st century home? Contact our team of experts or call us on 01502 585620 and let us help you create a conservatory bespoke to your home.

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