If you’re thinking about new windows for your Norfolk home, it’s important to choose the right type of window for your needs. There are many different kinds of windows available on the market today, and each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular types of windows so you can make an informed decision about which ones are right for your home:

Casement Windows:

With their unparalleled ventilation capabilities, casement windows allow homeowners to take in all of Norfolk’s glory. Whether side-hinged or top-hinged (known as awning windows) they open further than any other window type to fill your living space with fresh air.

Despite this, security is not compromised thanks to the hardware being concealed within the window frames. The frame further allows for less visual clutter as the slim sightlines help to enhance homeowners’ view of the beautiful outdoors. If aeration and opening size are important to you, then casement windows are your best fit.

Black flush sash uPVC window

Flush Sash Windows:

If you’re hoping for a more dramatic visual appeal, flush sash windows are one of the best aesthetic home improvements you can make to any home in Norfolk or Suffolk. They offer the same ease of use, security, energy efficiency and ventilation as traditional casement windows, whilst providing homeowners with an opportunity to preserve their home’s distinctive character. This traditional style of window continues to uphold its luxury status as it is now selected as a thermally-efficient alternative to traditional timber windows. They offer concealed hardware that allows for discreet function so that no unsightly corners or hardware are on show – helping your Norfolk home to maintain a classic style.

uPVC vertical sliding windows

Sliding Sash Windows:

Sliding sash windows were hallmarks of the 18th century and continue to be a popular choice for homeowners today. Their modernised two-panelled design boasts a smooth sliding action so that Norfolk’s abundance of sun and coastal air can easily be enjoyed without fears of the bottom sash sticking. In previous years, older wooden sash windows required frequent maintenance or renovation and were inefficient in preserving energy. However, the updated innovation of this sash sliding system ensures that its users are kept warm and protected. Our integrated Shootbolt locking system further allows its users to enjoy the classic style without compromising on exposure to intruders too.

Bay window with stained glass

Bay and Bow Windows:

Both bay and bow windows allow residents in small to medium-sized homes to enjoy more of Norfolk’s beautiful natural light, whilst also offering extra space in the home thanks to their angled projections. Bay windows are made up of 3 glass panels that provide homeowners with a fantastic view of the surrounding area due to the wider middle picture window that provides a broader view of the surrounding areas. Bow windows are made up of 4-5 identical windows and fitted at a 10-degree angle that creates a lovely curved and symmetrical appearance. Both window styles act as a focal point for the home and allow homeowners freedom to choose whether they are fitted with either sash or casement windows depending on their preferences. If you’re wanting to use space creatively throughout your home, you should definitely consider either a bay or bow window style.

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn Windows:

Tilt and turn windows open inwards to allow light and ventilation into the home. If the window safety or access of your Norfolk home is an issue, these windows provide an ideal solution. Their unique tilt function allows for brilliant ventilation and can be set in one of two positions: either tilted or fully opening inwards. They work to provide a quick escape of hot air through the top portion of the window whilst preventing strong breezes from entering the room. They are a practical fit for apartments or hard-to-reach locations, and warmly welcome Norfolk’s bright daylight into the home thanks to their sleek lines that avoid obstructing the view. Their tilt function also catalogues this window style as easy to clean, helping you enjoy the Norfolk scenery stain free.


Double and Triple Glazing:

Although Norfolk provides beautiful coastal sunshine, thermal and cost-efficient windows are still needed to ensure residents enjoy a comfortable home experience. Dreams Installations’ impressive ‘A’ energy rating standard allows customers to save on energy bills and create a warmer home. The option to have your windows installed with either double or triple glazing provides homeowners with layers of insulation, protection and soundproofing and can be fitted into any of our window styles. Confused as to which glazing technology best suits you? Book a free home visit with a member of our team where we can help you choose the right window for your Norfolk home.