In recent years, advances in door technology have revolutionised the market, not least when it comes to composite doors.  

What is a composite door? Well, put simply, a composite door is one with a traditional appearance usually found on older timber doors, but manufactured from modern materials including uPVC, laminate and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), making the composite door extremely strong, dense, energy efficient, and robust.  

Around the inner core, you’ll find durable layers of weatherproof materials, protecting the door from all weather. As a result, the door will look its best for decades, as well as being highly energy-efficient and very secure.  

Let’s have a look at a couple of composite doors supplied by Dream Installations: The Solidor and Door-Stop models. Both are, quite simply, excellent doors that can utilise either a 48mm solid timber core. They are coated with an outer skin of GRP that will resist the harshest of elements yet are very low maintenance.  

door stop composite door The Door-Stop door

  • Door-Stop doors use glass-reinforced plastic skins, also used to make the hulls of boats because of their strength and exceptional wind and water resistance.    
  • These doors are tested in a pressurised chamber to stimulate gusting winds starting at 63 miles an hour and up to 80 miles an hour – stronger than a hurricane. Then they are tested further by spraying two litres of water every minute directly at the door in their test chamber.  
  • The hinge edge of a Door-Stop door has a PVC edging. This is cut, so that whichever hinge you selected sits neatly inside the edge of your door. To make the door super-strong, the lock edge has been fitted with a full length of 4mm thick, powder-coated aluminium lock strip. Then your preferred lock sits flush inside your door.    
  • The Door-Stop side panel gives plenty of choice. You can choose from seven different designs, in 13 colours, with dozens of glass options, and uniquely you can have a choice of width. All of which can carry the letterbox.   
  • This model also offers nine frame colours – white, mahogany, cherrywood, oak, white grain, brown-black, grey, cream and Chartwell green – to compliment your new door colour. All of which can be configured with gold, chrome, black, white and contemporary hardware.  

solidor composite door The Solidor door

  • Each Solidor model is manufactured using 100% fully recycled door frame reinforcing. As well as superior thermal performance, Werbar is also super environmentally-friendly and out performs steel and aluminium when it comes to screw retention.  
  • Solidor offers 256 door colour combinations through the option of 20 colours on either side. These range from contemporary colours to luxurious and life like woodgrains. We can also offer both a chamfered and a sculptured door frame and these are also available in 18 colour combinations.   
  • These doors are highly secure, thanks to their unique Avantis lock which carries the industry’s largest dead bolt. Solidor also offer other high security locking mechanisms for French Doors, stable doors and have just launched the latest AV2 lock, which replicates the appearance of traditional key operated rim locks on period doors yet features high security multi-point locking.  
  • Solidor composite doors have a U Value of 1.4 W/m2k, which will help reduce heating bills and insulate your home. They can help with noise reduction when combined with acoustic glazing and are easy to maintain because of the PVCu and ABS materials.  
  • Solidor composite doors are designed and engineered in the UK to the highest quality standards giving customers choice and quality time after time.  


To conclude, both the Door-Stop and Solidor doors are outstanding products and have a range of features to suit all styles and tastes.

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