A Warm Roof is an innovative lightweight tiled conservatory roof system. It is a popular choice for replacement roof projects and is equally compatible with brand new conservatory installations.

If you’re planning to install a conservatory at your home or you have an existing conservatory which doesn’t provide the levels of performance you’d like, a Warm Roof could be an excellent option. To help you to make a fully informed decision about your home improvement plans, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions around Warm Roofs.

How long is a Warm Roof guaranteed for?

At Dream Installations, we provide a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all our Warm Roof installations.

Is planning permission required for a Warm Roof?

Our tiled roof systems are LABC (Local Authority Building Control) accredited and won’t usually require planning permission.

How long will a Warm Roof upgrade take?

A replacement roof project will usually take around three to five days. It will be longer if it is part of a new conservatory installation project.

Will a Warm Roof make my conservatory dark?

If you’re concerned about negatively impacting natural light intake, glass sections can be incorporated into your Warm Roof’s design.

Will my existing conservatory support a Warm Roof?

Warm Roofs are extremely light weight and will be easily supported by most conservatory structures.

What windows and doors are compatible with a Warm Roof?

A Warm Roof is compatible with any windows and doors and can also be installed onto structures with more brick work such as orangeries and traditional extensions.

What colour tiles are available for a Warm Roof?

Extra light tiles are available in either Charcoal, Ember or Walnut while composite slate tiles can be specified as black, grey, brown or red.

Will a Warm Roof improve my home’s thermal performance?

A Warm Roof can achieve U-values as low as 0.8 W/m²K so your conservatory will perform to a similar standard as an original part of your home.

What is a Warm Roof made from?

A lightweight aluminium frame is internally covered by insulated plasterboard while outside a PIR insulated board, exterior plywood, breathable membrane and lightweight or slate tiles complete the Warm Roof’s construction.

What options are available for the Warm Roof’s interior?

Inside, the Warm Roof’s plastered finish can be fitted with downlights or even integrated speakers.

Will a Warm Roof installation increase my property’s market value?

When professionally installed with all the necessary certification, a Warm Roof can significantly increase your property’s value and make it a more desirable purchase.

How much maintenance does a Warm Roof require?

A Warm Roof requires very little maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. For cleaning, an airline is best but a hose down with water is a reasonable alternative.

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