Offering a wide range of conservatory roofing options to the Lowestoft and surrounding Suffolk communities, at Dream Installations we often get asked which makes the best conservatory roofing option; glass or polycarbonate? If this is troubling you in your quest for the perfect conservatory, then please continue reading as we’re confident that we have the answers.

How strong is polycarbonate roofing?

Polycarbonate offers lightweight, high impact-resistance that’s shatter proof, commonly used for eye protection as well as safety glass and even police riot shields; making it virtually indestructible. Up to 200 times stronger than glass, its excellent light transmitting qualities overshadow many other conservatory roofing options out there.

How energy efficient are polycarbonate roof sheets?

High-performance Multiwall Polycarbonate Glazing from the Marlon range is extremely hardwearing and offers co-extruded Longlife UV protection. Plastic co-extrusion is the process of pressing two or more materials together to produce one single piece that’s lightweight yet strong. With a wide choice of thicknesses available, as well as optional foiled inserts for heightened insulating benefits, these unique features allow heat to remain balanced within the conservatory area whilst achieving impressive environmentally-friendly U-values as low as 0.83W/m2K. Furthermore, this particular polycarbonate roofing range offers UV radiation protection, 80% light transmission and various solar control tints.

Glass roof conservatory cost

Glass conservatory roofs can be slightly costlier than polycarbonate roofs, so if you have a fairly strict budget in place this is particularly essential to bear in mind.

Glass conservatory roof too hot?

Many of our Lowestoft and Suffolk customers come to us with the issue that their glass conservatory roof is too hot throughout the summer months. Dream Installations conservatory roofs eliminate this problem, whether you require glass or polycarbonate. This is because our Planitherm 4S glass conservatory roofs are able to reduce peak summer temperatures by an impressive 13˚C. Whereas our Marlon Polycarbonate conservatory roofs, combined with a high-quality infra-red heat block, are able to intelligently reduce uncomfortable heat build-up by up to 7 ˚C. So, if your conservatory is positioned in an area that’s prone to intense amounts of sunshine this could be the deciding factor between glass vs polycarbonate roofing.

Fall back in love with your conservatory space, with a new roof from Dream Installations

With tiled and lantern roof options available, as well as glass and polycarbonate, each material presents its own pros and cons depending on your own individual requirements, e.g. budget, energy efficiency & aesthetics. So, contact the Dream Installations team for a quote or any further questions or queries that you need an answer to.

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