As homeowners grow tired of extreme temperature swings, leaks, draughts, and noise from the neighbours making its way into their conservatory, more are looking at tiled conservatory roofs as an end to these woes.

Tiled conservatory roofs are solid roofs that can be integrated into existing or new conservatories and are available in an extensive range of colours and finishes, so there’s bound to be one to fit your home’s aesthetic.

They have a vast array of benefits that can single-handedly transform your conservatory experience, which this blog will explore.

What are the benefits of a tiled conservatory roof

Increased Thermal Performance

A common issue with old polycarbonate roofs is their poor energy efficiency, which can make them unusable at times due to either being too cold or overheating.

Tiled conservatory roofs on the other hand excel at insulation, which keep them warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer.

This means that you can enjoy your conservatory living space all year around, no matter the weather, whilst also saving money on your energy bills – as you’ll be far less reliant on costly radiators and electric heaters.

Rosewood conservatory with a tiled roof


A tiled conservatory roof can significantly boost the appearance of your conservatory, and the entire property for that matter.

At Dream Installations, our conservatories are available in a huge variety of finishes for both the interior and exterior space.

Whether you’re after an Antique Red, Moss Green, Charcoal, or anything else, we’re sure to have a tone ideally suited to your taste.

However, if you’d prefer your new tiled roof to match your existing roof tiles or theme, we can install them in the same colour.

uPVC conservatory with a grey tiled roof

A Quieter Space

Tiled conservatory roofs boast excellent soundproofing capabilities, meaning they can be a peaceful oasis for you to escape and relax.

They create a solid barrier between your conservatory and the outside world, absorbing sound waves and preventing them from passing through as easily – making it feel like an entirely new room, and giving you feeling of wider space.

They are also effective in reducing any unwelcome glare from the sun.

Low Maintenance

Tiled conservatory roofs require minimal upkeep, especially when compared with glass or polycarbonate options.

This is because they’re generally more weather-resistant, and can withstand harsh conditions such as wind, rain, and extreme sunlight.

The textured surface found on tiles is also a less comfortable environment for moss and algae growth, so there’s unlikely to be a build-up on your roof when compared to other materials.

Gable tiled conservatory roof

Tiled Conservatory Roofs from Dream Installations

At Dream Installations, we recognise that solid conservatory roof replacements are a far more cost-effective way to completely revamp your experience.

Making it feel like an extension of the home, our tiled roof conservatories produce U-values as low as 0.18, enabling them to sit among the best in the industry.

Approved by the Local Authority Building Control, they can be tailored to fit your exact requirements and have a multi-layer construction that consists of breathable membrane insulation, lightweight aluminium rafters for support, and structural waterproof ply.

About Dream Installations

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We install a variety of conservatory styles, which include the popular Victorian, Edwardian, Gable End, and Lean-To.

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