If you’re looking to upgrade your existing conservatory or install a brand new one with a premium feel, a tiled warm roof could be right for you.

Warm roofs have become popular in recent times, particularly as more homeowners prefer their conservatory to feel like a new extension of the home rather than a separate space.

Warm roofs provide a permanent and solid feel, whilst boasting excellent thermal efficiency to make it a usable space all year round – with more traditional roof materials such as glass or polycarbonate less effective at retaining heat in the winter months.

This blog will explore warm roofs, or tiled roofs, in detail and explore how they can maximise the potential of your living space.

What is a warm roof conservatory?

At Dream Installations, our beautiful warm roof systems allow homeowners to revitalise a tired extension, giving you a long-lasting, versatile, and valuable living space.

Unlike traditional conservatories, warm roofs feature a solid structure. The roof is tiled to blend in with the existing property, and at Dream Installations you can get them finished in a wide variety of colours.

Underneath the solid tiles lie layers of high-performance membrane insulation. Membrane insulation is a sheet-like material that acts as a barrier against elements like rain and wind, whilst also allowing moisture to escape, keeping you comfortable whilst lowering energy bills.

These layers are supported by lightweight aluminium rafters and structural plywood, which work together to make your living space as pleasant as can be.

uPVC conservatory with a grey tiled roof

What are the benefits of a warm roof conservatory?

Warm roofs have a host of benefits that make them the ideal choice for any conservatory. Here are a select few.

The Highest Levels of Thermal Efficiency

Perhaps the most notable perk of warm roof conservatories is their thermal efficiency.

Unfortunately, homeowners who opt for traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs are sometimes frustrated when their conservatory is too cold to use in the winter, but equally hot in the summer.

Thanks to the insulation found in warm roofs, they offer the very highest levels of thermal efficiency, saving you money on heating appliances.

Additional Living Space

Warmroof technology transforms your conservatory into an additional living space, which can be used as you please – whether as a home office, additional living room, kitchen, or even a gym.

Increasing the square footage of your home can, in general, make it a more enjoyable and comfortable place to be.

Grey bifold door interior


Whilst their appearance may seem premium, warm roofs are a cost-effective way to get the most from your home.

If you’re looking to renovate a polycarbonate or glass roof conservatory, simply upgrading the roof is a far cheaper option than a complete upheaval of the facility.

To make it even better, tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly desirable for homeowners, and installing one will likely add significant value to your property.

They’re also low maintenance, so you’ll save expenses there – as well as being less at risk of condensation, which is also an issue in poorly insulated conservatories.

A Peaceful Retreat

Warmroof systems are also significantly quieter than other traditional conservatory roofs.

Rain, hail, and noisy neighbours are drowned out thanks to the thermal insulation, creating a tranquil and peaceful space for you to unwind.

Visual Appeal

Tiled replacement conservatory roofs from Dream Installations are available in a wide range of stunning colours to choose from, with both the interior and exterior able to be finished in the shade of your choice.

Whether you want to match your existing aesthetic or go for something new, we’re confident we have the perfect fit for any project.

Our range of stylish tile colours includes popular options Antique Red, Burnt Amber, Charcoal, and more.

Brown tiled conservatory roof

Industry-Leading Tiled Warm Roofs from Dream Installations

At Dream Installations, we’ve been installers in the UK market for over 20 years, with tiled solid roofs just one of our specialities.

We install various products in the home improvement industry, from windows such as sliding sash and casement windows to popular doors, and conservatories.

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