If you are anything like we are then your garage will be the place where you store some of your most prestigious prized possessions, from your KDF classic car through to your Bosch lawnmower, we store everything in there. Are we right?

But let us ask you this question: how secure really is your garage? Often, we will put our grandmother’s antique jewellery in a safe place in our homes, but forget about the security of our garage, merely using a tiny padlock to keep our prized possessions from being taken by a burglar.

Here are our top tips to make your garage more secure, safe, and shielded.

Think about your garage

It may sound silly but bear with us. Have you looked at your house from the outside and thought “If I were a burglar, how would I burgle this house? Has a window been left open? Has the garage door not been padlocked? Has the gate not been shut and locked?”

Viewing your house from a burglar’s perspective will be an enlightening, but perhaps scary, exercise that will highlight where you can improve the security of your home.

To help keep your garage secure and give you the peace of mind that you deserve, we would suggest that you ensure your car, garage doors, and any interior doors that may lead into the house are locked and any alarms are set.

Purchase a new garage door

If your garage doors are very old and perhaps starting to look a bit worse for wear, then we would highly recommend that you upgrade them.

Here at Dream Installations, we offer garage doors that make use of an ingenious opening mechanism, which allows them to retract upwards before tucking away neatly in a compact box. When shut they give the appearance of a rigid and luxurious entrance front, and when opened they fit near the ceiling to let you make the most of your garage entrance.

Cover your garage windows

Basic, uncovered garage windows will open a world of temptation to burglars! Seeing your prized possessions will see them rubbing their hands in glory, even more motivated to break in.

Covering your garage windows in curtains, more specifically sheer curtains, will encourage the sunshine to seep through whilst keeping your valuables out of sight from temptation.

Install security alarms into your garage

How do I make my garage secure from the outside?

Installing a motion detector alarm and motion detective lights on your garage doors will act as a deterrent for burglars. After all, no-one likes being under the spotlight!

Care for your garage

Are your wooden garage doors looking tired and in need of repair? Are they ruining the overall aesthetics and without realising, devaluing your home?

Then worry not, we have the perfect solution for you: purchase new garage doors!

Exceptional double-glazing solutions since 2003

Aside from garage doors, we offer a wide range of double-glazed windows, doors, and conservatories, so no matter what home improvement you are looking for, you can have the peace of mind that we have a suitable solution. Contact us today or contact our specialists on 01502 585620 and let us help you.

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