A firm favourite amongst many homeowners, integral blinds can fit neatly into any window or door and are commonly found in double-glazed windows, sliding patio doors, French doors and bifold doors. Integral blinds are placed between the two panes of glass in double-glazed units and have become popular in recent years due to the variety of benefits they offer.

Let’s learn about integral blinds and their benefits for you and your home.


Integral blinds offer maximum privacy and shading

Integral blinds offer the latest innovation in privacy and shading. They are designed to provide convenience and enhance the modern appearance of windows and doors at home.

They are very discreet and out of reach without affecting the performance of the glass itself.


Integral blinds need little to no cleaning

As integral blinds sit in between the glass panels, you don’t need to clean, adjust, or dust them at all. You can lower, raise, and tilt the blinds through simple external controls; because they are encased, the blinds are permanently protected for the life of the glass.

corner bifolds with integral blinds

Integral blinds have multiple closing and opening options

Integral blinds are manually operated by cords, which include built-in safety features and usually work with an external magnet. You can lift and lower the magnet, which will cause movement of integral blinds, whilst rotating the magnet will tilt the blinds’ slats.


Integral blinds improve home energy efficiency

When the blinds are kept in the closed position, integral blinds can help your glass units retain more heat, making your windows and doors more energy efficient. This is because they can create an extra barrier between the warmth inside and the cold outside of your home.

oak effect bifold doors with integral blinds

Can integral blinds be fitted retrospectively?

Yes! Integral blinds can be retrospectively fitted to most doors and windows. Whilst integral blinds have a visually appealing design that can suit your exact wants and needs. They can be very practical and save you money on your household bills.

Our integral blinds are available in various colours and options, and they can help you keep your house bright and highly secure when closed.

Not only do they never require cleaning, but they are also exceptionally effective at blocking out the sun, which offers privacy and protects your furnishings.


Integral blinds for your double-glazed units in Suffolk and Norfolk

No matter the style of double-glazed unit you have, from windows to doors and conservatories, we are confident that integral blinds will look great in your home.


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