Bi-fold doors are an innovative opening option which are regularly chosen as an alternative to French or sliding patio doors. They are usually made from aluminium and have become increasingly popular in recent years. At Dream Installations, we install aluminium bi-fold doors across East Anglia. We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers, who are pleased with their new bi-fold doors.

If you’re thinking about replacing your patio doors and you’d like a set of doors which really open up your home, bi-fold doors are an excellent solution. When fully open, they seamlessly link your interior and exterior living areas. When closed, they create a large expanse of glass to view your garden or exterior space. To ensure that you’re fully informed about bi-fold doors, let’s take a closer look at how they work.

Smooth sliding bi-fold operation

Bi-fold doors run on a smooth-sliding track system. Despite their size, they can be effortlessly opened with only minimal effort. Each door leaf folds neatly back, concertina style, to maximise the width of the entry point to your home. They can incorporate a fixed door panel, which functions exactly like a normal door and feature multi-point locking systems to optimise home security.

The smooth and quiet operation of bi-fold doors is enabled by using a purpose-made series of wheels which fit snugly onto the sliding track. The wheels then glide silently along the track and each door leaf is connected by a set of durable hinges.

Bi-fold panel configurations to suit your home

One of the great things about bi-fold doors is their customisation capacity. They can feature up to seven separate door panels to allow even the largest space to be filled. When configuring your bi-fold doors, you must firstly select the number of door leafs required to fill the space in your home.

If you choose a four panel bi-fold door system, for example, there are several configurations for you to choose from. With a four panel bi-fold door system, the following configurations are available:

Four PanelsFour PanelsFour Panels

The larger the run of bi-fold door panels, the more possible configurations are available. You can also choose almost any of the door panels to function as the ‘master door’. The master door is the first point of access and incorporates the locking system and handle into its design. It can also function as a single door without affecting the other door panels.

If you like the sound of bi-fold doors for your home and you’re intrigued to find out more, contact Dream Installations today. Give us a call on 01502 585 620 or send us a message online.